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Broad River Kayak and Canoe rentals on exciting beginner whitewater or scenic slow water floats.
Half-day to multi-night Broad River Sandbar Kayaking / Canoe Camping trips are available.
The BRO uses the most stable and driest "sit-on-top" kayaks on the market
along with sit-in Keowee kayaks and traditional tandem canoes.
The Broad River Outpost - something fun for everyone
Helping protect our rivers since 1985

  Broad River kayaking using Awesome Big Yaks avoiding  Broad River Sandbar

Broad River Outpost - Open Daily - March to October
Kayak and Canoe Rentals, campground, Just Right Grill

Altamaha Coastal Tours - Open Daily- All Year Round
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The Broad River Outpost

"Free Flowing River"

(706) 795-3242

Open Daily
Mid-March thru October

October Weekday
start times
11 am to 3 pm

Weekend/Holiday Start Times
10 am to 3 pm

Rentals End
7 pm or Dark -1hr

Custom Group Trips
Group discounts

Guided Eco-Tours
Moon-Light Floats


Broad River Outpost
7911 Wildcat Bridge Rd
Danielsville, Ga. 30633

It's all about attitude
Bring a Good one
Take a good one home

Family Fun  kayaking & canoeing Kayaking Georgia
Georgia Kayaking Kayak Georgia
Use canoe or Kayak for broad river sandbar camping on 70 scenic river miles
Check Current River Conditions before coming or Call for information.
Wear appropriate shoes [not Flipflops] and clothing for weather conditions.
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"Tides Wait for No one"

Open Year Round
reservations required

Canoe Kayak Bicycle
Tours and Rentals

Custom trips for all ages
Quarter, Half or Full Day
Wilderness Camping


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Every day is different
than the last.
Every season brings
new surprises 


Kayak and Canoe Rentals

$15 per person on normal weekdays
$20 per person weekends and holidays.

! Groups welcome !

One rental free with each 10th person

$35 Guided monthly Eco-Tour Per Person

Broad River Map
Posters and T-shirts

Hand drawn by Drew Culp
Printed on parchment paper
Sold in HD cardboard Tube
Suitable for framing - $5


A Map of your fun times on the Broad River
What a great Gift for your paddler

Kids Love to Paddle
They Learn really FAST !

Learning to Kayak is empowering for kids and helps them develope other skills.
If you're bringing children, 17 yrs old and younger, parents or guardians must sign a release of liablity waiver for them.
Forms are available on-line or at the BRO office.

Child Liability Waiver

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

South Broad Parking

Take-Out Parking at End of Whitewater Section.
We have 2 parking areas, and you can now park at either end of the whitewater section.

Call for pick-up or valet parking


Open daily mid-March through October.

To enjoy Spring Wildlflower and Fall Leaf Floats, we recommend the non-whitewater section using canoes, sit-in Keowees kayak or our high riding sit-on-top Big Yaks.
Hot weather? All sections and boats are safe & fun !
Come get Wet with the BRO


No Rentals during severe weather or flood conditions
Check the National Weather Service or U.S. Geologic Service for River conditions.

Water Level
Current Radar


Broad River Watershed Association

Your local LAND TRUST helps protect the River.
We suggest $1 min
donation to your local Land Trust :

*Each car parking on the premises
*Each individual camper using our campground

Donations are not required. We encourage you to help protect the Broad River by donating and/or becoming a member of this group.


On-site wooded Camp sites for individuals and groups

Free Camping

Free hot shower

Campground and showers reserved for boaters and non-paddlers in their group

Donations of $1 per person to www.BRWA.org is encouraged for camping

*NO RV's

Boat Rentals Closed November to March ( UGA Spring Break )
except for groups by appointment with $100 minimum.

NO Glass NO Guns

Litter bugs will be quarantined.

All peronal items must be secure while on the river. Cooler lids should bungeed. NO styrofoam coolers allowed.

Dog must be leashed at all times while at the BRO. No agressive dogs allowed at any time.

Dress appropriately with consideration for temps/wind/sun/rain. Flip Flops are not appropriate foot wear.

PFD's (Personal Flotation Device) will be worn by all boaters while on the river.

Coast Guard regulations require all persons must have a PFD in their possession while riding in a water craft.

Georgia Law states Children 12 and under must wear a PFD at all times while on the water.

Consuming alcohol while on the water is discouraged.
The BRO reserves the right to deny access to our property and equipment to any person showing obvious signs of intoxication.

The location of the Broad River Outpost,
NOT our mailing address.
Do not send mail to above address
it won't be delivered

For more Info/Reservations:


(706) 795-3242

old school canoe pic


The Broad River

Located in northeast Georgia, 23 miles from Athens on Ga. Hwy 281, the scenic Broad River has 70 miles of continuous navigable water. Most of this free flowing river is mild with no rapids.  

One section has exciting but easy Class II rapids, suitable for beginners yet fun for the more advanced paddler. The Broad has "the Waterfall";  an avoidable 5 foot drop which is a definite "cheap thrill."  The 6.5 mile section -"The Broad"- contains 7 shoals, each with individual ledges and sloughs.

Our two basic trips are the upper 5 miles ( 2-3 hours) or 10 miles ( 3-6 hours) of moving water and the lower 6.5 miles of class II beginner whitewater ( 3-4 hours). Times will vary depending on water levels, skill levels and attitudes.

Mild and Scenic sections with beautiful views and vista's of high bluffs, cliffs and of hardwood forest and wildflowers describe the bulk of the river.  Most are suitable for day trips or for camping trips of up to 4 days.

The river starts in the National Forest on the eastern slope of the Appalachian Mts and ends at U.S. Corps of Engineer's Anthony Shoals, a mile long class II rapid with many endangered species of flora and Fauna. These federally protected areas contains historic and prehistoric sites.

The State of Georgia has aquired the first tract of land as part of the Heritage Trail. The Broad River Watershed Assoc.  (BRWA.org) and other groups are working with the State to acquire and protect areas along the entire course of the Broad River and its major tributaries. A great historical link discribes the travels of William Bartram through the Southeast US and Georgia during the mid 1700s and describing the Broad River and the Altamaha River.

The Broad River is close to many other points of interest being only 100 miles East Northeast of Atlanta, 70 miles Southwest of Greenville, S.C., 100 miles Northwest of Augusta, Ga., 120 Northeast of Macon, Ga., and only 23 miles from the UGA campus in Athens, Georgia.

The Broad River Outpost rents and sells Mohawk Canoes, Perception and Dagger Kayaks  Kayaks types include beginner kayaks (keowee), Sit-on-Tops, touring / sea kayaks and a variety of whitewater models.

Beginner instructional clinics are offered for canoe and kayak (whitewater).  The one day intruction requires no previous experience.  BRO recommends, for kayaker, having used a Keowee at least once on the The Broad River to maximize instructional time.

Retail Sales:
Competative prices on Boats, Paddles, PFD's and Accessories.
Snacks and drinks available.
Good well water- FREE.

Retail sales open November to March by appointment.

BRO Area Road Map
Basic driving direction can be made from this map

Broad River Topo Map
For those wanting detailed map of the immediate area.
This is NOT a map to be used to navigate the river.

Map of the river available at the Broad River Outpost.

Current Radar
B.R.O. is East NE of Atlanta - SW of Greenville - NW of Augusta

Water Level
USGS river gage near Carlton is 18 miles /6 to12 hrs down stream from the Broad River Outpost

Kayak & Canoe Instruction Schedule

For reservations and information call:
(706) 795-3242

Group of Ladies Enjoying the Broad River and Each Others Company

######### #########

Another Fun group from U G A,

And then there's the hard way ...

And then there's the mellow Section (s) of this Beautiful Broad River

Check out the high water video clips with alexjharvey.com

Another Look at the Broad River
Brouns Guide to Georgia - Paddling the Broad River

Mailing Address - 20 miles from the B.R.O.
by US Mail, send letters to:
Witcher Wing Inc.
112 Witcher Rd.
Carlton, Ga. 30627
Not the Location of the B.R.O.

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